Jakov Bojovic

Jakov is President and co-Founder of Centre for Policy Writing. He teaches policy and opinion writing at IE School of International Relations in Madrid. He founded the Politheor platform back in 2012 which to this day provides ...

Irene Zugasti

Irene is a policy analyst specialized in Gender Policies and Political Communication. After working for the European Commission, nowadays she works for Madrid City Hall in the field of Gender and Culture.

Mario Munta

Program Director
Policy expert; taught at the ECPR Summer School in Methods and at the University of Zagreb. He is currently pursuing a PhD in political science at Central European University.

Dominique Ostyn

Dominique Ostyn is Director of Communications and Opinions Editor at EurActiv. He is a speaker at CEPOW’s training in op-ed writing.

Paul Cairney

Paul Cairney is Professor of Politics and Public Policy at the University of Stirling. He is a speaker at CEPOW’s op-ed writing seminar in Brussels.

Kristiina Randmaa

Kristiina is a London-based communications consultant and trainer with over thirteen years of experience working with top political organisations, most notably the European Commission, European Investment Bank and European Parliament. Educated as a journalist, she has been ...

Bernhard Knoll-Tudor

Prior to his appointment as director of the Global Policy Academy, Bernhard worked for the OSCE, an international organization devoted to ‘hard’ security as well as to human rights diplomacy. He was involved in policy design and ...

Ays Sirakaya

Project Associate
Ays is currently working towards her PhD at Ghent University while applying her knowledge in practice as a legal consultant at eCOAST. At the same time, she is the editor of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Policy at Politheor ...

Joost Mulder

Better Europe was set up in 2017 by Joost Mulder, an independent Public Affairs expert with a strong network in the “Brussels bubble” and in civil society, with a broad knowledge of EU financial services legislation. With ...