Consulting for policy writing

Need help in writing an impactful op-ed / policy brief?

CEPOW invites all interested parties to send requests for individual or group consultations in op-ed writing and policy brief writing. Our team of experts is available on short notice to help your organization write an impactful op-ed or policy brief targeting specific policy makers.

A range of professional consulting services with the goal to help you:

  • Target specific audience with your policy document (op-ed or policy brief).
  • Structure your policy document correctly (op-ed or policy brief)
  • Adjust the tone and flow of your policy document (op-ed or policy brief)
  • Present viable recommendations to policy makers (op-ed or policy brief)
  • Promote your policy document with an event in Brussels (policy brief)
  • Have high-quality visuals in your policy document and printing (policy brief)

How does it work?

Firstly, send us your draft or even just an idea for a policy-oriented op-ed or policy brief. Within 2 work-days we will send you a quote and schedule a meeting via Skype or in person. Contact us using the form below or e-mail

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