Politheor is a media outlet publishing op-eds and Special Reports and a partner organization to CEPOW. Since it was established back in 2012, it was featured in Huffington Post, AlJazeera English, EurActiv, and other regional and global media outlets. Politheor is based in Belgrade, with more than 30 representatives across Europe.

Politheor has also provided training in policy writing to young graduates and students around the globe. Most of our team members hold positions at Politheor, providing free-of-charge, online assistance to young graduates, teaching them how to influence policies through policy-oriented writing. It is the positive feedback received from our interns – students at Politheor that motivated us to take the initiative to another level. That is why we established CEPOW.

Politheor still forms the backbone from which we draw motivation and experience from, and channel it to our Centre. For more details, see the Politheor website or follow it on Facebook or Twitter.