How to be heard in Brussels and beyond: Executive training in speechwriting

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CEPOW offers an intensive training in speech-writing and speech-giving for professionals in policy advocacy and politics.

Date and location: October 13 2018, Brussels, Press Club Europe.

Registration fee: €500

Included: Full day of interactive and practical training in speech-writing; Professional video of your 5-minute speech with comments from the instructor; Certificate of completion; Food and drinks in the breaks.

Instructors: Bernhard Knoll-Tudor (Director, Global Policy Academy), Jakov Bojovic (President, Centre for Policy Writing).

Who should apply? Policy officers and communicators, Public affairs professionals, MEPs and MEP assistants, Speech-writers, Lobbyists…

Registration deadline: REGISTRATION IS CLOSED

We recommend early registration as participants are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive an invoice upon registration. For any additional questions please contact the organizer Jakov Bojovic

This training can also be organized internally for your organization. You can submit an inquiry here.

What will the training cover?

The training will cover speech-writing skills, starting from conceptualisation to final delivery. Participants will get a sense of the information environment speechwriters operate in and learn how to deploy various techniques to capture the attention of audiences. We will focus on keynotes and other interventions in a professional setting.

Participants will be guided through key stages through which effective speeches develop, including tailoring messages to audiences and their preferences, setting the scene, covering the technical ground, dealing with diplomatic and hostile audiences, length, refocusing attention, deploying tools of rhetoric to capture ethos, pathos and logos, carefully using metaphors, message houses and sound clouds, and primary objectives (inform/persuade/entertain/inspire).

In the afternoon, participants will be asked to draft a five minute speech for a diplomatic audience and deliver it in small groups, with their peers and mentors evaluating its effectiveness. The speeches will be recorded with two professional cameras and videos will be sent to the participants individually together with instructor’s comments.

Aims & Outcomes

This one-day training will improve your speech-writing skills and teach you how to deliver impactful speeches.


1) Skill set for Speech-Writing

We will look at best practices from international diplomacy – balancing ethos and logos in a way that truly inspires.

2) Workshop – Learning by Doing

We will help you write and deliver your own 5-minute speech. We will make you go out of your comfort zone in order to reach excellence in public speaking.

3) Individual Feedback

Working in a small group will give instructors the possibility to devote enough time to each participant’s professional development.

4) Networking

You will have a chance to meet policy advocates and communicators from your environment and across Europe.

5) Speech-Writing Certificate

You will receive a Speech-Writing Certificate upon successful completion.

6) Professional Video of your Speech 

One week after the training you will receive a professional video of your speech along with final comments from the lead instructor.

Start Date - End Date

Oct 13, 2018 - Oct 13, 2018

Start Time - End Time

9:00 am - 5:00 pm




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